Want legal help please

My husband forced me to mary him was back of me a lot to marry him but i said ok if both agree then i wil marry you.then both the families agree and marriage took place in 2013 march. but from after few days trouble started. my husbnad lived in bangalore and was not taking me along with him.the he took me for a week.but then he was trransferred to mumbai n stayed there for a year but he did not take me there also along with him.Duw to bad weather in mumbai he made transfer to bangalore then i had to fight then he took me along with him to bangalore.there he kept me ina smal single room for 1 1/2 year.he fought with me for petty things, asked for more dowry used to beat me up and lock me in bathroom.my mother in law took away all the gold from me after marriage.my husband tortured me mentally and physically.Recently he n his mom wid her younger sister were trying to kill me but somehow i escaped and ran n came off to parents home.i tuk pics of the hurts i got.They took 5lakhs dowry from us at the time of marriage.now we r calling then for compromise nd settlement but they r not coming forward.my husband get fits so i pitied on him and dint file case on him but he filed a case on me which is false.then i got angry and filed FIR on him in WOMEN POLICESTATION basheerbagh. police ppl r calling them but they are not cming forward.recently my husband applied for anticipatory bail in metropolian session judge court nampally..will he get bail?? please help me on this as my 25tolas gold and 5 lakhs cash is with them.