Property Share in betwen ah daughter and a adopted son.

HELLO Sir/Madam, I am facing an issue in my family, Once upon a time we were a joint family in which there were three brother and three sister (sister have got married long back). After a period of time due of some internal issues three of the brothers got split and now they are living with their family in different places, at the time of splitting from joint family the elder in three of the brother had only one daughter and he used to like his brothers son, so what they did is they adopted the son of the younger brother that is me, since my childhood i am with my dads elder brother since 26 years that is as of today, now the issue at any place in my certificates or address proofs, I have my dads name only, its no where a written adoption in my case. "In this case do i hold any legals rights on their assets." Another doubt which I am having is which laws states that the daughter has equal rights on fathers assets same as a male child. If this is the case then does the girl child has same rights and equal share on the debt\loan or any other payments that the father has to do. Thanks in Advance