False misbehaviour case

Hi a woman divorcee neighbour has been harassing us since past few months, implicating my husband in false allegations since we were at one time friends with her ex husband. In Feb she got my husband arrested, no FIR filed on the context that he allowed her husband in our flat and that they conspired to throw acid on her. These were false allegations, she didn't have or had any order if restraint against her husband nor the society mgmt were informed of baring him from the society. Since then we have been keeping safe distance from that couple. She insist on being friemd s time and again forcibly which we have been firmly declined. New incident happened on 8th June when in pool my husband and 6 year old son declined to talk to her and her 6 year old daughter, post which she fought used abusive language. At 11pm night her lawyer called and threatened us of dire consequences if we don't form relationship with her. Post that she also called and threatened us few times. In morning we filled harrasment complaint, she filed a false counter complaint alleging my husband and son misbehaved and did ashlil harkatein with her daughter. Lifeguard is willing to tell the truth that she fought and nothing untoward happened against her or her daughter as she has mentioned in complaint. Kindly tell me how to proceed now, investigation is pending.