Recovery notice of the Bank after 13 years.

I availed a loan as a small businessman, repaid later availed over draft. I approached my Bank manager for vehicle loan under scheme of govt for SC/ST. the government was providing margin money for poor SCs. i was eligible, but the manager refused to receive application. I complained to the RM of the Bank, on his instruction he agreed to finance under the SC/ST scheme with a condition that I should clear the dues of a third party[NP]. The money so paid in to NP account of third person was agreed to be credited to my account in 2 months. [in August 2002] I agreed because I was badly in need of vehicle because I was given contract by the government for conducting Educational Audio visual shows at schools and for carrying equipments and a teacher i needed vehicle. I did not ready cash for this the manager enhanced the limit of my over draft and enhanced amount was paid in that account. After this he gave me sanction letter to the SC/ST office. After 2 months I demanded money from the manager for this he was enraged. despite of receiving margin money from SC/ST office he delayed sanction of loan for 8 months. I lost the contract,my condition was hand to mouth, I had to sell kitchen utencils to keep my children alive. as a literate I wrote this entire incident to the MD of the Bank my letter was forwarded to concerned RM office. The Regional Manager summoned me and got all the details, told him unless my money is paid or agjusted to loan I was not paying any thing. He assured the enquiry and redress of the matter in 2004 despite this the manager recalled the loan as I did not pay the EMI. with the help of KSLSA, I filed a suit against Bank for injunction in civil court. I submitted all the records I had to the KSLSA and Court granted injunction against Bank in 2004. Bank did not redress the issue as assured by the RM despite my request. Now I am 62 years, the loss due to manager and loss engineering seat of my son for that had increased my BP. I came back to my village and Due to lack of treatment BP increased to very high level hus I had Brain hemhhorage and I am now semi pyaralised. Since always I gave change of address to Bank now Bank has sent me Legal Notice demanding Rs. 1666600/,to me and to the guarantor. I am worried this shoot up my BP again. please guide can I get stay on this.