My Brother is Harassing Us

Hi Every One, This is Gopal, i have two siblings i.e. one elder brother and elder sister. elder sister got married and unfortunately my brother-in-law got expired last 5 years back. Then we thought to bring her back to our home town along with her two sons and we settled her life to live on her own legs. Now she is not depending on ourself Myself and my brother both are completed our graduate. My father is a railway employee. Then he planned to take voluntary retirement with the option of providing the job to one of his sons. Then my father want me to take his job, he want me to settle myself because I'm a physically handicapped. Then i said to every one in my family i.e. i can survive my life with my job( because i got the job in software industry ). Brother won't get any opportunity out side other than this, please give it to him. Then every one fine with my decision. They given job to him only. Recently two years back i got married and i blessed with baby boy. My brother had 3 babies. Recently he want to separate from ourself and clearly he said he would like grow himself alone thats why he want to separate from ourself. Then my father decided to separate every one including myself. Now the problem is, Since he already got the benefit with taking my fathers job. As i'm physically challenged person i argued with him to share the properties in-terms of 50% for me, 30% for him and 20% for my parents. Then he argued everything and he want to share the properties with 50-50. And finally decided with our village persons to share the property like 50% for me and 40% to him and 10% to my parents. Apart from that my dad already taken(nearly 12 years back)lic policy for my brother, now which will close soon and also taken lic to my sister in law( 5 years back). since his marriage till he gets the job its around 5 year my father only took the caring of everything about him, wife and children and their schooling. And myself is staying in a Hyderabad because of my job purpose i.e. since i completed my B.Tech almost more than 5 years. My sister is not getting any single rupee from this. My father already gave promise to her to built one house for herself. Myself and my brother not sharing/giving anything for that my parents has some amount of money with that they are doing. And my brother don't want to do that and not allowing our parents to do. Now my brother want to have remaining 10% also. For that he is harassing my parents and my self. And he is not allowing his children to see my parents because my parents only did everything to them. literally my parents went to depression. Recently they started curing from the situation. That 10% of extra given to me is 1/2 acer land which can't generate income. Now please understand the situation what is going on and correct me if i did any mistake. And also please suggest me how can i come out from the harassment. And what kind of legal rights i have. Thanks in advance, Gopal