How to reconcile the marriage?

I've been married in nov2015 and my husband and in-laws were torturing and ill teeating me from past 5 months . my husband couldn't take a stand , never protected me instead share my personal stuffs with the other members. His father used to humiliate me and everyone mocked at me . my husband didn't give monthly expenditure , he never used to bear my expenses . i was kept house arrest and was not allowed to go out of the house or visit my mother .husband uses to scold me , shout nd yell at me , beat me badly and accused me for not bringing things from my house , and threaten me for giving me divorce ,he used to have sex chat with girls . his bhaiya nd bhabhi were plotting against me and kept an eye on my every move and put dirty allegations on me .i tried to run out of the house when the situation got unbearable but i was rescued after that i tried to commit a suicide . my husband nd in laws left me at my mother's house and its been 2 months now . he is not contacting me , all my family members are blocked and has left me , i was hospitalized for 1 week coz of jaundice and hepatitis but nobody came to see me nd took no notice. Pls help me