Road blocked by a neighbour

Hi Sir, We have a road which we are using from last 60 years and this road connects the entrance of my home. Only my Grand Mother is staying in the home. One of the neighbor opposite to my home is occupying the road and he is not allowing my Grand Mother or anyone coming to my home. Also he constructed small washing utility on the road and a shed infront of his house (i.e Shed and washing utlity on the road). Also he warned my Grand Mother to not walk on the road and if so he will kill her. Today my Grand Mother went to Panchayat office to file the compliant and Panchayat people taken everything, but before taking the complaint local political people came there and after some discussions with Panchayat people they given below conclusion to my Grand Mother. The road has not been taken by Panchayat, so they cant take the compliant. They told that its a road agreed between all the neighbor's when they divide the sites long back (as of I know the road is there from 60 years and the Road measurements are there in the papers with all house holders connected to that road). So all they can do is visit the neighbor once and warn him to not scold anyone using the road. When my Grand Mother asked that a road is there from many years and why cant Panchayat take the road and remove the shed/water utility, they said that it is not her right to ask that. Is there any chance that a 60 years road was not added to Panchayat ? Is there any chance that the Panchayat people are telling that the road was not added to Panchayat even it was added already (Initially Panchayat ready to take the compliant but when political people involved it changed) ? How to know if the road was really added to Panchayat or not ? Is it possible to get a village map by some application/Procedure ?