How do I get to know if divorce has been granted

Hi I got married in 2001 but separated in 2004 after I got my first son after much trying we got together 2007 for a few months but it was a hell life as she would treathen and run to her mothers house for small reasons. We got a second son in 2008 but I was never informed when he was born. Later in mid 2009 she contacted me I agreed to try and work things out but it never lasted finally in 2010 on 10th September she got her mother brothers and sisters to come and fight and through me out again I was sent away with just the clothes I was wearing. Then last year she called me from her lawyers office to come and sign the divorce papers on mutual consent I was not able to as I was working in kerala later they sent two notices to my last address from the family court but they were returned as I was not there. How do I find out if the divorce has been granted. She has not let me see or talk to my kids since 2010. Now I feel its time I get on and move but want to know if the divorce has gone trough. I did send her a message on what's app but her reply was don't message me my fiance doesn't like it.