Reopen withdrawn case

Hello Sirs, We had a family friend (staying in neighbourhood & kids in same school), the man started making indecent proposals to me, which i told his wife. Who then started harassing him and me too. If he is late in office (or God knows where), she started checking on me.The relations turned worse. Then one fine evening, both of them started continuously calling me and abusing me 108 calls, whole night. Next morning 21st Nov.2013, they again started calling me,abusing me to lowest possible level, asking for my 13 yr old daughter, he said," I want her." Then they threatened to kill me if seen anywhere and asked to come there if i have guts. So i started to reach there home, but on the way ( the husband was going office in car saw me and stopped me). I started asking him, the reason, for all tamasha, so he asked me to come inside the car, if i want to talk, and not shout loudly out of the car. Only to hit me till i bleed on my face, chest and stomach, and also touched me inappropriately, saying chikni, aaj to tuze lekar rahunga. I somehow opened the car door, wherein I fell on the road,and since he was holding me and hitting, he toppled on me and started hitting sitting on me on the the road. Crowd gathered and called the police. We were in the police station since 9 am, both were asked there statements and were sent for medical and were sitting whole day idle at the police station, with no action from the police. I requested police to file a case, but they took 10 k from him and released him. Then my friends suggested me to meet ACP , which i did, & then an FIR was filed at 10 pm. After that, i knew nothing of this man and his wife. Then the case came on board on 1st june 2015, because, immediately, that man started calling me from PCO, When i cut off his calls, he started following me to my office and home. Then started, standing at my office, first requested to withdraw, & when i refused, threatened, to rape & kill my daughter. Even when i did not oblige, he gave my daughter blank calls and then asked me, if i want him to ruin my daughters life. he started stalking me at office, calling me in front of colleagues. Visited my office and threatened to ruin my life, if i do not withdraw. I started fearing of loosing my job because of his frequent visits there. I feared for my kids, as both parents working, they are alone at home. I started crying and pleading him, not to visit my office, which he started doing more. Fed up, i agreed to withdraw, then he arranged, Public prosecutor meeting and within a week, the 354 case was withdrawn. During that process, he picked me up from home and dropped me back, disallowing me to take any calls or make any calls. And after the case was withdrawn, he started calling and abusing me, and accusing me of wasting his Rs.1,80,000/- because of case, which i should repay him. That is when, I asked my friends for advice, who suggested me to visit the lawyer, judge and public prosecutor, to withdraw the case. i did so after 2 months of threatening and abuse. But the lawyer and public prosecutor and even the judge, said, the withdrawn 354 case cannot be reopened now, and I need to file a fresh case for threatening. I did not, because when the police could see my wounds, bruises and had public witnessed of his hitting and abusing, police had refused to lodge the case the first time. And if now i had gone for threatening and abusing, police would have called him, counselled, not to threaten me, taken bribe and left him, only to make my life more hell. Even today, after 10 months of case withdrawal, he calls me anytime from PCO, abuses me, threatens me and asks for the money, he spent in the court case. Now this month was his birthday, so he called me at his office,abused and threatened me of dire consequences, if i refuse his demands. I am so distressed and disturbed, disrupting my family and office life, as i am unable to take any action against this man. Please help and guide me. Thank you so much in advance.