Landlord claiming almost high amount of security deposit

I lived in Mantri Flora, Bangalore from 2013-15, and was on rent, paying about Rs 35000/- as rent, and Rs 2,80,000/- as security deposit. All transactions were done mostly online, and no cash was involved. Recently, I vacated the house after 2.8 years, and landlord refunded 90% of amount very soon, saying remaining 28000/- he would return in 1-2 weeks after inspection of his property by broker. The landlord himself lives in US. Now after about 6 weeks, and some relentless following, he sent me an email saying that he will be deducting Rs 24000/- for all renovation work (painting - this was prorated at 30k for 3 years, electricity - no damages, carpentar - no damages, and chandelier - minor glass damage). I sent him a strong worded email saying I won't accept damages more than 5k. I wish to know what are my legal options that I can take against him (I can get it delivered to his local address in Bangalore - his 2nd house where he was staying and which is mentioned in address). I am currently in Bangalore, and can file a case if required from here. Also, how much might it cost me? Thanks.