Commercial Property Without Sanction Plan

I plan to buy (small) commercial property in Bangalore city within BBMP limits. One of the properties I am considering has the below details : 1. Less than 200sqft land area 2. G + 1 Floor + small toilet on 2 3. All documents in order except point 4 4. No sanctioned plan for the building 5. BESCOM Electricity connection present with individual meters for each floor 6. No BWSSB water connection, sanitary connection present for toilet 7. Latest tax paid receipt available 8. There is a projection of the GF roof and FF roof onto the road. The total ares of projection beyond the boundary of the site is about 10sqft per floor - total of 20sqft. The projection is not uniform and is concentrated to one corner of the building which make it obvious to the observer. I understand that buying a building without sanctioned plan is a risk. Lets say I get the property for just a little over the land value prevailing in the area. I have a few specific questions : 1. What are the ramifications of not having the sanctioned plan as far as BBMP is concerned? a. Is there even a remote possibility of getting the property regularized? b. Will BBMP demolish the property if they learn about the absence of a sanctioned plan? c. Does the owner (me if I buy the property) have to pay BBMP any fees for demolition mentioned above? d. Apart from demolition, can BBMP impose a "fine" for deriving rent from the property without sanction plan for X years in the past? e. Apart from demolition and fine (if any) is ther any other thing I can be penalized for? 2. I am not sure how the electricity connection was provided without the sanction plan. Is there any possibility that BESCOM can disconnect the already existing connection? 3. Will the lack of sanction plan be a hurdle while applying for BWSSB connection? I ask the above do gain sufficient information to make a decision for the below plan : 1. Buy the property 2. Retain building, earn rent until BBMP issues a notice 3. Let BBMP demolish the building (I will still have clear title to the land) 4. Build again with proper plan sanction Thanks you for your time.