What is the procedure to get my right full property and compensat

Hello, my grandfather has three sons, i am the second sons, son. my grand father died long back, my father died when i was a kid, my father big brother also died after two years, my fathers small brothers wife left him few years after marriage,they have been separate ever since, now she wants her part of her share in the property, that is not a problem, my problem is my grandmother and the first daughter -in- law, are enjoying all the property, me being the second son's son, i want my share of the property, but they are giving a verbal agreement, but not fulfilling it, my grandmother has 19 acrs on her name, when asked she says, only 9 is our's in that 9 you each will get, 3 arcs, years by year that number is decreasing, my aunt( the first daughter in law as 2 acrs on her name separately) that her dad didnt give, my grandmother got it registered without out knowledge, all the profits from the agriculture, she is giving her married daughter in the form of gold, if we ask she is say my money, how is her money, if its from the lands its all our money, i want to file a case for partition and compensation, and want them to show all the income's and expenditure's for the land for the past years, please guide me thank you