Right of way

Hello, i have a hotel in uttarakand on 2 acres of land.i bought this land 7 years back.for these 7 years to was using a forest road to access my property.property as two approaches 1-through a privately owned kaccha road(which i cannot use as it is privately owned by someone else) 2nd 100mts through an agricultural plot which i leased for road purpose and 50mts through the forest road ( which we were using for 7 years).now after all these years the forest officials are creating a ptoblem regarding the portion of the kaccha forest road which we use and had already existed we when we had bought the land.so as of now i have no clear access to my property.road 1 privately owned by another farmer so he does not let me use it .the other road 50%is clear(i had leased it) but the issue is with the 50%of the kaccha road whoch was gng through the forest.the forest official are creating problems.please let me know a solution to this problem.how do i get my right of way or easement right.thank you