Suggest some wayout

I was married 5 years back in 2011 in delhi.i have a 3 years of daughter with me.from last 10 months im staying at my parental house as my husband left me there dramatically showing we both were going to leave delhi house but after leaving me at patental house,his mother arrived snd took him bsck with her saying his father is not well. husband left me with a promise to come back but never turned up. the scenario after my marriage was that from the biginning itself i ws being insulted or taunted by my mother in law(housewife) and sister in law(actor/model)on petty things related to marriage,dowry or other household issues.i tried to keep quiet as much as possible but use to cry alot .husband was loving but never used to support me in such situations.after 2 years he joined some biker club and got very much into biking activities.he never msintained a bakance between his social and personal life.i could still see him online putting photos every other day with girls or other biker gang but never contact me or my daughters whereabouts during these 10 and my family members including all relatives didnot leave a single effort to unite again but all in vein as he and his sister is directly saying they dont want me inside their house now.he scares my brother with a gun and warns him if he leaves his sister there he will shoot her.last month only we came to know that my husband was a victim of a rape case when he married me.he was attending court trials even after our marriage but didnot tell me anything regarding that.i feel extremely shocked and cheated now.pls suggest what should i do??