Looking to put PIL on a company which is breaking all labor Law

Looking to put a p.i.l against an proprietorship firm based in ghaziabad & have more than 100 people manpower under following act minimum wages act 1948, section 20 payment of wages act, 1936 employees provident fund & misc provisions act 1952 employee state insurance act 1948, section 85a 1 complaint is already filed thru pg portal to which no action is taken by labor commissioner by 1 employee of this company which can be taken as reference other proofs are also available including employee data and self written mail of proprietor regarding this firm manpower purpose of this pil is not to put this organization is in jail but only purpose is only to do outside settlement by taking money, i am one of very close person to him so i know him very well and scarceness so in advance notice letter he will offer money him self, request you to connect me on mail id if you are ok with following conditions which are with me 1. i will not come in front as i am quite close to this person & this will enable me to manipulate him on this issue 2. i can offer 20 to 30% of settlement amount (expected 10 to 30 lakhs) as compensation which will come from 2 lakhs to 9 lakhs you can contact me on kinginring22@gmail.com