How to live happily with my husband and in laws

My husband has two siblings and parents. Elder brother is married with two sons (8th,5th) class with FIL and MIL. Sister is married in a rich family. Both the parties were introduced via a matrimony agent.My in-laws had a demand of 25lacs as a dowry. Me and mother denied at first but later pressurised from agent and being called from my FIL that he had done the bookings, we went with the flow.They also promised that within 6 months they will set us both by constructing a 3floor house for 3families.When I entered here I was pressurised and requested for necessities like Gold jewellery,AC,dress material etc on the name of festivals. Elder brother used to live jointly with parents,during day time I had to go there and at night I had to comeback to my husband place.My husband shares each and every private talk with his father. Those days even the first night talk became a big issue. Everyone used to ask me and make fun of it. My hubby used to attempt suicide in front of all or before me alleging it's because of me. Sooner within 4 months ,they threw out me to my mother's home.I pleaded a lot to accept me ,they kept on saying divorce papers will be send.My brother helped me find a job for me as a teacher. Then ,I called my husband a couple of times, he never replied. Then I called up to one of his friends and relative , he started listening. Eventually I pleaded to come back to his family. We started living together inspire of bearing a number of insults regarding festivals Lena dena for whole family.Everything that my father did was less for them. They were never happy and always fault finding. I continued my job and started with separate kitchen. Eventually I got pregnant. I had to leave job. Now my baby is one and half year. They have bought a new house and leaving there. As a housewife, I requested for studying further like b.ed and MA psychology. I was beaten up for asking money. I arranged money myself for b.ed and completed. Now I am studying MA psychology and my FIL said on face to me, " Apne ghar se pad Kar aati" No one wants me study. I am not allowed to know what is happening in the family.Like they shifted to new house without telling me. My husband shares everything about me to his father. And in room he doesn't share any thing. I don't know his salary even. At times he beats me up or does suicidal attempts on small issues. Mentally and physically I feel tortured. I feel I am living in a jail living as a dumb, deaf child.Every now and then I am insulted by any member of the family. And my FIL says, " Rahna hai to Sunni padegi" . They keep on abusing my family when they loose temper. Please suggest should I bear it normally or is it something legal.