Salary Not Paid

Background of the Company: Indian Start up, first round funding completed through top investment organizations. However, founders allege, investors declined second round funding. Reasons, pending class action suit and 2-3 cases of misleading advertisement. Unethical business practices including not paying US companies for the service provided. Problem: Salary release irregularity started since June 15. By August all employees had atleast 1 month salary pending. For managers, it was 2-3 months. I left the company Nov 15 with pending salary of 2.5 months. Whenever employees ask for salary, the reply is that they are releasing it in batches starting with lowest band. And thank you for your patience and extended support. Today is 12 June and I have not received my salary for the last 2.5 months even after 7 The founders made astronomical gains, on a single day one of them bought 3 BMW. One for self, another for the other founder and one for senior VP. Till last year, after BMW 5 series he went on to buy Mercedes AMZ SLV. Last year, during the problem faced by employees, he got another car Audi R8. The company is still around, but with less than 200 employees. Where as, some of the top leadership including the founders have started another start up in South India discreetly, with some unknown guy as the front face. (This information is available on Google) Most of the employees had to go through problems like divorce, homelessness, children terminated from schools etc. Some even filed a case through lawyers, physically threatened Management but to no avail. Please suggest the most appropriate plan of action. Thankyou