Grandfather death - as grandson do i have right on ancestral prop

My Grandfather died a few months ago. He had 2 brothers and had received a lot of property from his father and uncle (which is clearly not self earned). My grandfather had 2 sons and 1 daughter. My dad is eldest of all 3 children of my grandfather. My dad and mom had a bitter marriage and had gone to court for divorce, but which was amicable withdrawn later (this was due to my fathers extra marital affairs). Me and my brother (we are only 2 sons) had supported my mother in that battle and hence my father and his relatives had turned against us. Now i know my dad has received a lot of property from my grandfather which was ancestral in nature. And i believe that he will not pass it on to me or my daughter (only child) but might actually transfer it to my uncle's (his younger brother) son (who is younger than me and my brother). We believe this will be injustice and want to get our rightful share (and donate it for a good cause as we have enough self made wealth - I am 35 years old). So do we have any right to this property, how should we go about getting our legal rights. WIll be very grateful for a good advise.