I want help from police and they need to check the documents

We, all four sisters and mother filed a case in november 2012 regarding the property of my father that is 279 sq yards in nimboliadda kachiguda hyderabad 27 with tameezuddin and madhava rao. Adjacent to this property is the property of my mother which had been given a registered gift deed to four sisters on 7 jan 2010 and which has a complete different transaction with some old construction and was purchased by my mother solely with her source of income and a gift from her brother who was a famous advocate As of now the case 2036 of 2012 is in civil court and is ready for hearing and unfortunately my two brothers has not submitted anything and was warned by the court to submit the papers the documents but as they do not have any legal papers. They did not submit anything and are creating mental torture and physical torture to me and my mother directly or indirectly As they received the court notice in dec 2012 my brothers wife as filed a false dvc case and started creating nuisance and blaming everytime making our situation miserable and at last the case was dismissed we went to ps n no of times but our plea was not accepted as the world is of man only my mother is a 75 year old diabetic and hypertension lady looked after by all daughters .My brothers do not have any document and are uneducated so they torture me and my mother all the time we tried to sell the property as it is on our name and brothers wife will start abusing as soon as she sees the party because she stays at the entrance and she does not allow anyone to come and my brother also is physically very strong today my brother and his wife wanted to put the water meter on the tap and our house is at the dead end and we dont get much water since 14 years we paid the water bill and we stopped as we thought to let them pay the bill and it is around rs3000 only and both of them started fighting and abusing us we called 100 for help and said the same but my brother is adamant and he says he will do whatever he likes