Thretning of filling false 498 and mental,physical torture

Dear sir, I have been married to my wife since Feb 2013 ..but from very1st night onwards she started fighting,quarrelling using vulgar languages to me and my family, between we had our baby child too.but my wife and her nasty family continued to harras me mentally and wife almost everyday fights me and beats me physically and all these are backed by her nasty family members ..she had made me to stay apart from my family members..They always out of no issues threats me of filing a false 498 against me even when I am the victim of wife pressures me of doing suicide and blackmails me of mother in law already threated me twice of killing me by life with local gundas if I don't leave her daughter as I am financially not that much sound....I am in real deep deep trouble.. Now my question is 1:should I file a criminal case against them to police or court on the basis of mental ,physical torture and threatenings, as my life is also in danger..and if can do so what will be the sections I can impose on them 2: Before she files a false 498 ,can I file a section 9 against her as my wife almost everyday wents her mothers home and doesn't want to come back from her own... please guide me in best possible way as I am in deep deep trouble.please help me.