Illegal notice of vacating and blocking security deposit etc.

My wife taken a counter at spencer plaza, chennai to run a food court of kolkata style. As per agreement (not registered) she has to pay 5 lakh (10 months' rent) and Rs 50,000/- as caution money for a billing machine provided bu food court management, She paid 3lakh and 0.5 lakh. For balance 2 lakh , 2 post date cheques were given. But due to fund crunch she told not to submit those cheques, Marketing inat Spencer Plaza block and surroundings were the responsiblity of food court management. But business was very dull and every monththere was about Rs 50,000 loss. To reduce loss my wife requested for smaller counter as rent is less and maintenance charge is also less ( It is calculated based on area). But management was very firm and asked her to pay blance 2 lakh rupees first. She told due to fund problem I could not pay balance amount now but try 1 lakh. Suddenly she got a notice on 30 th March afternoon stating that if by 31st 3 pm if balance amount is not paid, business to be stopped. She stopped business accordingly and all belongings removed by April end. The management is not responding to refund the deposited money including last eight days sale amount after necessary deductions. What action she should take. Please guide .