Pre-ligitation dispute : Credit card outstanding & Settlement

Dear Sir, My father has received a notice from Citibank regarding the settlement of the credit card account. he has to be present in front of the Lok Nyayalay to be held for the settlement. I want to highlight on few points and would highly appreciate your revert at the earliest. 1. My dad is a Sr. Citizen and from past 10 years he is not working has no source of income. 2. We daughter run his house for his living. 3. What ever savings he had in the past he has always made the payment for 8 yrs (may include part payments too) 4. He has no assets which he can sell n make the payments. In these conditions also he use to do some or the other things to give money to credit card department as he wanted to pay the money. He never wanted to be a defaulter unfortunately the conditions are not in his favor and from past 2 years he is unable to pay a single penny due to his present bad financial condition. Can you please advice what best we can do to deal with this situation. I would highly appreciate your revert and help in this regards, Thank you, Asha