Divorce(no physical relation since marriage)

It's been 4.5 yrs of marriage.. N my husband is least interested in maintaining ny physical relation wid me. It's just in d starting mnths he did once or twice DAT too may be just for a formality. He is an adopted child, n I came to know dis just few mnths ago. My Mother in law always wanted me to go for IVF or adoption.. But i strictly denied for it.I am mentally disturbed becoz of my mother in law intervention in my life. In d starting my husband consulted doctors n took medicines for almost an year or so but it's of no use. Every time I gave him warnings DAT I will nt continue wid u, I want a divorce, he ask for some more time n promise to make thngs better.. He is a money minded guy and dnt want to spend money on my general needs.. He is earning well in his current job.Though he has changed 4 jobs after marriage. he very well kno how to show off..I am earning n I generally bear all my expenses. Now it's high time, n I am looking up for a divorce. Either he is impotent or a gay.. As a normal man cannot be like dis... These people hve cheted on me n spoiled my life.. I tried to adjust in all sort of way but nw I am loosing my patience.. Kindly help me out. I want alimony from dem as they hve hidden many thing from me and my family.. My father spent all his savings n he did everything acc to them , even after marriage my mother in law demads were endless...but my in-laws n husband have told everyone that they hve nt taken a single penny from my house n my parents hve not given anything in marriage.. Though I am from a small town but I am a well educated girl, n earning well.... I don't want to continue wid dis relationship any more.