Marriage or divorce cases

Hi i am avinash verma i am live in delhi shahdra i had got married on [deleted] from a (mathura raya) girl but till yet i am suffering with lots of mentally harassment by my wife or her family member's they always intrupt my life thru diverting my wife's mind while i am always keep trying to all set in my house my wife start fighting with me on every little things her parents insulting me but she never feeling bad or when i dont wanna go her father's home then it was a big crime even they treatkng me like a dog i am quite self depending parson or i was help her family to grow but she never feeljng bad while they teaching her bad things towards me Otherhand my mom is suffring from so manh health desise from 2006 she had a fracture in left leg so since she was handicaped or having heart problem by born as she had a hole in her heart she is also a hyper thyroide patient or last 4 years she had some tb or stome problems too her health is in very puthatic condition but i love her very much or while my family leave all the hope to save her i was spent 4 months in hospital with my mom My wife never treated with well behaviour because she dont gave her jwellry in my wife's protection even i don't want ti gave all things to my wife because i was understud my wifes mind she dont loving me she just wanting money from me or taking revange as i am keep diatance from her family because they are so mean they just love to enjoy with my sorces while i always do so many thingsfor my wife i love her so much even i mannage to help her in every house work as she is playing a house wife role But the behaviour of my wifewas going very bad day by day she starting shauted or threating my mom dad while my mom never argue with her or never put her legs between me n mh wifes metters she was baddly tortuered too last month her uncles daughter in law dead while his marriage was happen after me near by before 7 or 8 month so we just had to her uncles house for presenting our grife but my mother in law tells my wife that u have to first come to my house then go to the uncles house but while i was reached to her house she ignoring me while my wife dindnt notice this insult but i was not give any ishue about it but when night is come i was tell my wife to go back while she forcing me to stay there tonight so i just tell my wife verh politely that if she want to to stay then she can as i have some business work so i have to leave or whenever after two days she call me i would be there for took her but her father start fighting me or shauting at me while her another uncle call me back or respectly insist to me that we are apologized for hia brothers behaviour and they took my side after knowing all the metter but my father in law stated fighting or insulti g his elder brother too then i was come back to my home with my wife at the time of 2 am at night i was mannaged the dinner on the way restorants as we both are quite hungry too After coming from her hose she was normal but after two days her mother teach her on phone call her mothers call her very frequently in a single day or every But 2 weaks before while my mother tell her to serve the lunch my younger brother too because i had to go with my brother but she was served me with my mom dad n my brother got skiped or my mother tell her very politely but she shauting on my mom infront of me then i had realise that how she started treated with my mom as my mother never told me about her bad behaviour Then i was call her n tell her that what you want should we murdered our mother But now she just starting fight with me but i was just quite and keep silent witb her all call her uncle to come and took her to there home or teach ber some good behaviour that how to act in a family Then her father calling me and i was calling him to took her to his home and teach her some good lessons and they told me that we would be come after twi days then i was told him so please m keep quite or please stop calling here for two days and he cut the phone but after some minute the sister in law calling on my wifes no. And i was took her call and tell her please dont call again in two days but she just start shauting on me and i was shocked that how she treated me as i had never shauted on her and she told me that we are spending 6 lacks on marrige even though you are bad behaving us and i didnt give any replies to her i was just said to her that tell something more please Then i was calling her uncle and tell him about her misbehaviour and then again to the next day she msg me on whatsapp and i wasreplied in the same example so she just calling me and again stated figbtjng with and that time i was quite disturbed so just i was shauted that kill me just kill me now so mg wife come to infront of me at my motbers room and i was told her that please you go to in your room i dont want to talk anybody i was just broken very bedly from inside But my wife stated shauting on my mother and i was just leave the room and go to another room in lonly or lock inside so my wife come outside and start bitting the door and trying to open and at the same time my motber also come there and she also trying to controling me and my wife shauted on my mom she was walked by the help of handicaped waker my wife shauted on my mom tbat go awah its my and my husbeds metter but my mom said he is my son please i can control him and my wife slaped twicely on my mothers face and push her down So i was nust call to her parents and call them to took her to theire home as now i dont want to live with her and tell them everything but they answered me ver easily and normally that we cant come at now so we just come only tommorow and its your own hose personal problems so we cant di anything in it Then i was open the door and took my wife and leave her to her mothers house but before she told me that i am not going like this as i have half part in thishouse i want my half in everything when i was reached at her uncles house he listen all things in detail and he also found that ber father and mother had a big mistakes or put theire hand to broke her daughters house then her mother comes and took her daughter side and my wife blaming on my motber falsely to berself that first my mother slap her while my mother cant do this as her health cant supporther to do this Till yet we dont have any contact with my wife or herfamily member only before two days my wife call me onve and i was replied to her that dont call me i dont wanna talk to you Thats all happen with i can tell somthing more and correctly if i can talk by voice But now i want to leave that girl because she broking me inside or i love my mom very much or it cant be possible to servive witb this kind of girl I want divorce please give some best guidence to me It would be happen witb so many people but not all the time boys are wrong I was doing everything to her i cook very well doing work or took her all expensis very well after marriage i just stop living for myself i just put my all efforts all money on her living i was improve her looks and so many things but she never giving love or care to me even she she refused to give me a single glass of water whenever i was thrusty or she relexing on bed eve day or night she just have a one hobbie just to sleep all time she never told me to go outsude or movie or anuthing just i was insist her but at that time she also doing fight she was talking very politely witb a boy who is a relative of her aunts daughters husbands brother a far relation but she like her too much or compairing me with him jus because he had so many jwellry as he doing buainess of jwellry but the person is so cheap guy he is a drinker while m not drinking ir smoking or she just want that i also started tambaku while i just hated all this things Once her father comes to my home and stay in my room at night but the nxt day when i was entered in my room then i feel very bed that my father in law smoking very much at night or smelling everywhere in room or he put all the bidi and machis sticks under down to my bed i was felt very bed but didt complant to him but when they go back i was told my wife that please tell him dont smome so much as he have some major responsibility of 5 other childrens as my wife having 4 sister and one brother but she just start shauting on me and start fighting she never felt bed from her family side Now i cant live with such girl please give me the right way or correct guidance and help of justice The house where i am living is the name of my mother and made by hard earn money of my father i just live with my parents i had never give a single rupees to them they just servive with the help of pention which is given by govt as vradha awastha pension yojna The jwellery which is made by hard earn of my father but the time of my marriage my mother present it for marriage as new bride comes with jwellery We had never demanding anything or never fixed anything with girls side we were just bring the girl and her father gave us 198000 Rs for furniture and other new things to purchase for her daughter Nothing else Now please tell me what the juatice and law can do infavoure of me I want divorce