Money lent to friend for Interest

I'm from Chennai. My friend from Madurai had asked me money to commence a new business. To help him, I bought 1 lakh from my neighbor @ 3% interest per month and gave it to my friend. My friend said that he will pay the interest on 1st of every month and repay the full money in 3 months period. It had crossed almost One year & he hadn't gave a single penny. But I'm paying the interest to my neighbor on every month properly (till date i paid 36 thousand rupees). First 6 months he said that he will give it as soon he can, From the sixth month he started avoiding my phone call. I went to Madurai for asking the money back, he said that "I'm in very big trouble, Sure will give you the full money with interest after three months". I got sign from him in a promissory note and came back. Still now he didn't gave the money. My question is, Before bringing it to court, is there any other way to get back the money ? I there any any possibilities to get the full money with interest legally ? Thanks in advance