Domestic violence

Hello, I have filed 498A against my husband and planning to file DVC also. I was subjected to cruelty and harassment just after 2 months of my marriage and has thrown me out of their home demanding for divorce. And they are not giving any proper reason for harassing me so cruelly and demanding divorce just after few days of my marriage. Please advice if I can get justice as my life got spoiled. Please advice if these people can get punished for their actions and also Iam not looking for a divorce and would like to stay with my husband in a separate accomodation from there parents in case my husband changes and willing to take care of me. I fear threat to my life staying with my in-laws as they and my husband have already tried to harm me to get rid of me and they might do the same in future too if i stay with them. My husband is not ready to stay with me and asking for a divorce which is really cruel. What can I do in such case where he is demanding divorce for no proper reason just after few days of our marriage. Please advice.