Cheque fraud

A husband and wife went on holidays for 6 days , and they gave the keys of there office to the assistance who was working in there office for last 8 months , the assistance used to handle all there bank accounts and used to come to banks for depositing or to debit money from there bank account.During those 6 days the assistance stole 5 cheques and made a duplicate sim using the identities which he got from almirah. He forged there signatures and transferred the funds into his accounts from 3 different branches. When the couple written they filed an FIR against the assistance ,It's been over 1 year and the police is not able to catch him. In one of bank my friend was working as the person who takes the cheque and transfers funds from one account to another . He verified the signatures and they were matching . He then called on the husbands phone from whose account the cheque had came but no one picked up after some time he got a call from wife's number that please pass the cheque there is only 1 digit difference between the number of husband and wife. The wife's number was also registered with bank but with her own account. Then my friend passed the cheque and wrote behind it that i have verified this cheque by calling on this number. He then send it for cross verification. The police has been calling all the 9 persons from 3 banks who were authorized for this cheque to be passed .my friend went to police station at least 10 times in past 1 year . 1 Week ago police called him to station and in station asked him to surrender, from that day 5 of 9 workers are on run and 3 are working in bank but police did not catch them , police within 30 mins of my friends arrest send him to jail and asked for remand of 6 days .He and other 8 workers are charged with IC 420,467,468,120B . On sixth day his bail got rejected on terms that he did not verify signature and wrote different number on cheque. But the bank has given them clear audit. What are his chances on getting bail from HC? Does the surrender of other banking workers would help his case ? If bail gets rejected from HC how much time we can reapply