My ex husband's family is haressing me what should i do?

Hi, I got divorced on 20th May'2015 and custody of my 3 year old child went to my husband as he sd I can't take care of her. This was divorce on Mutual Content and my ex husband convinced my that he will pay for the daughter's fees and will take care of my daughter's expenses but now he has left my daughter with my ex inlaws and they call me every now and then and threaten me that they will not pay for the expenses of my daughter and will take her name of the school as my ex husband has left the house and also i m unemployed and medically unwell.I am staying with my friends as my parents have passed away couple of years back.I have no one to guide me. I left the alimoney as my ex husband promised in court he will take care of everything related to our daughter and now he runaway from house because of his parents torture and left my daughter alone and his family is now torturing me and my daughter .tell me what to do. my number is [deleted] and name is seema lal.And I got this divorce finalised in gurgaon family court now i am staying in hyderabad with friends.