Hi All, First of all i would like to thank you for your time and valuable suggestions. i got married in india HMA in 2011. we both r indian citizens. then i went to USA with my husband. he harassed me physically and mentally then i came back india i stayed with my parrents two months in india , we all went to USA to settle and live with my husband. but my husbund serves me separation notice . then i have not replied that we came back to india with in couple of days. immediately i lodged 498a on him and his parents in india, then he got exparte divorce because i was not with him more than 3 months. he is not coming from USA from past 5 years. again recently i have married another guy i told him about my past before marriage, but that guy parents changed his mind now he is threatening me that USA divorce is not valid in india, he will proceed with cheating case. Note: i have not participated in USA court for divorce. my questions are? 1. exparte divorce from my husband is valid in india or not? 2. i have married second time this guy threatening me that this marriage null and void, because u dont get mutual divorce from first husband. please let me know what is right or wrong.