Can we produce evidence on completion of first party cross (Crimi

My friend Ravi is facing Police Case( "498A & 3/4" ) since 8 Years and other two cases in Bhopal. He had filed divorce case (on " 13 a "etc) in 2013 in Bhopal. Because, his wife is working in Pune she got transferred the case in Pune by SC. I have few queries as follows. 1. First Question: - In Divorce Case, Petitioner side all cross examination is completed. Now Respondent as 1st person Cross is yet to start. In this stage Petitioner is showing few new evidence like Greeting Card, Photos.... etc. related to happy moments. Respondent is objecting the Pray & They said that this is not a stage to put any evidence because Petitioner Cross is completed. He cannot ask question to Petitioner. So pay for new evidence should reject. Kindly Suggest on what ground of Law Petitioner can submit the Evidence. 2. My Second Question is :- In FIR case of 498 A, Investigating Officer Cross Examination is completed in Trail court. We are trying to get certified copy of Case Dairy of Investigating Officer (Police Sub Inspector) OR at least Victim Girl Statement but Layer is telling it is not legal to get Certified Copy or any document submitted by Investigating Officer. Kindly Suggest on the ground we may get the copy?