Family Dispute on Selling a property.

Dear Sir/Madam, -Will created by : Shanta Bai (Expired) -The person who has created the will has 3 son's. amongst them one has expired. -Will of the property are written to the name of the will creator's Grandchildren (4 Grandchildren) -Property Details. *It is a 40*60 site. Inclusive of 4 houses respectively. (4 houses are divided amongst the 4 grandchildren, as specified in the will) -Problems we are facing. 1)Amongst the 3 families, 2 families are willing to sell it, but the other family isn't willing to sell it. 2)The reason as to why we want to sell it is bacause it's a very old house without pillars. and poorly built quality. there are cracks everywhere. 1)If we all come to a conclusion and agree to sell the property we can share the property money equally amongst us. This is our idea. Now the concern is that the other family isn't agreeing to sell it. And, we don't want to live there or give someone on a rental basis as further disputes may arise. -It is stated in the will that the property can be sold if there is any financial crisis. Is there any solution for this..? We are in a financial crisis. Can't we sell the property if one member doesn't agree to sell. Are there any other ways or solution to this..? Please help me out...!