About property issue with in brother and sister

My father died in 2007 with no legal will about property of his as well as ancestor. IN 2007 My mother and sister given there rights about property in kolhapur (hakka sod patra) resisted in 2007. after that property in kolhapur myself and brother did partition deed in 2009. in hakka sod patra one coloum says that u can register ur name in shet(farm) in ur name.but survey no. is not mentioned and property was situated in karnataka.with the help of hakka sod patra tahasiladar entered name of myself and brother.but my brother ,sister and mother came together and they filed case in revenue dept. and they entered all the names in all farm survey no except one which was already having two name myself and my brother since last 25 years but now they (brother, mother and sister )filed civil case against me saying we want partition deed on that remaining farm which was already having names of myself and brother .it was filed in 2013. my brother sold two properties which was taken by my father for him i havent asked partition in that as all relatives who were present during oral partition but all r with them. mean while my mother died in feb.2015. now we have replied saying that they havenot included all properties.he also not informed about death of mother we have informed it. can we fight for 1/2 share in farm on the basis of hakka sod patra which was mentioned about u can proceed for registering ur (myself and brother) names on farm can i get 1/2 share in farming if so how?