Simplest way out of marriage for me - divorce by mutual consent?

Hi here is my situation . I got married in May 2015 (under family pressure, I didnt like the boy to start with). I then spent 3 months with my in-laws (my husband lives in the US) and then moved to the US. we had a breakdown of our marriage there owing to non-consummation of marriage (I refused to have a physical relationship; especially after my husband tried to force him on me). I then returned to India in Jan 2016 and have been living here since then. I don't have any compatibility with my husband; and my refusal to have sex means that he thinks either I am a lesbian or have an affair with someone (neither of which is true). I genuinely don't want to live with him and therefore am seeking divorce. while both the families are insisting on me giving it one more try due to the social stigma attached to the whole divorce thing, I have pretty much made up my mind. The question I have, is what is the quickest way to move out of the marriage ?- if my husband does agree to go for divorce (which is the stand currently taken by him) by mutual consent- how long does it take? if he does not, what is the possible course of action for me - especially given that even my family may not be strongly supporting me due to social pressure.