Divorce Mutual Concern

My Brother is married for 2years and lot of difference between the couples as she has Thyroid problem due to which she has lot of Mood Swings and acts weird during monthly periods for 4 to 5days and other days of the month she will be fine. She often threatens him saying she will commit suicide during those five days and also she yells at me and mom. She was given counselling for 6months with medicines but no luck. Now her parents took her back to their home and they want a legal separation. Her family is visiting us this Saturday and over the phone they were asking about compensation as she wants to go for higher studies. Does law says to give compensation ? they are giving options either to discuss within the family and finalize the Compensation amount or to see court. Which one we should opt for? More Details about her: She has done her BCA and working as a contractor in Govt Sector. We haven't taken any dowry from them, they have given one Ring and Bracelet for my brother and we have given GOld Mangalsutra, Two Bangels, Ear Rings and neckless. My Brother is working as a Admin in private company & his gross salary is 35k per month. Please advice