Stilt parking rights

I purchased a 1BHK flat from builder in the year May 2011 which has a stilt parking allotted to me by the builder as he has only 1 flat unsold in my society at that point of time. My society got registered on October 2010. I have the allotment letter from the builder however society is claiming that i don't have any rights on the alloted parking by the builder despite of having the allotment letter from builder. The Society had therefore filed a case against the builder in May 2011 and the court verdict has come stating that parking matter is resolved outside the court between society committee members and builder and therefore they have lost all the right on the grilled stilt parking. After losing the case from builder, the Committee member sent a false and baseless notice to me through their lawyer Mr. Avinash saying I have put the grill in the parking area and handed over to them. My lawyer Mr. Vilas Dole have replied them saying the obligation which they have put on me is false and baseless. My questions is If I have the right to the parking space, Can I approach the registrar office to file the complain against the society and get back the parking space ownership?