Property matter between brothers and sisters

I have a property in Goa.It is owned by my parents, 2 uncles and my aunt. Actually when the plot was being purchased the everyone's name was entered in the property papers after the name registered in the papers one of my uncle refused to pay the amount for building a house. this property was purchased from the landlord in 1996. The tax, maintenance is being paid my by uncle and aunt who is staying in Goa for 20 years and they are looking after the house. one of my uncle expired in 2002 and i want to cancel his name from the deed which was prepared earlier in 1996 while the plot was purchased. Is it possible for me to cancel my uncles name from the deed .because his heirs are fighting for the property whereas they have not paid a single penny for building a house, They do not have any papers related to the property. Can they file a case without the documents? Does his heirs have any share in this property? What should i do to change the deed? Do the heirs have any right after their fathers death? Please help and Advice.