My father have been evicted me from properties

My father took a shop on rent approx. 35 yrs back on their personal name as mention in rent deed and start a ?firm under sole proprietorship of my mothers’ name. My father had not any rights in such firm. The firm ?was running very successfully and earning good margins.? The title of firm was “M/s Vikas Kumar Vinay Kumar” as me Vikas Mehra and my younger brother Vinay Mehra. ?In 2009 my mother was died so, my father present the death certificate in bank and close the firm’s ?accounts and also close the firm too, without my intimations. My father published a public notice also in ?leading news newspaper that, they have been evicted me from his (my father) & her (my mother) ?property and handed over entire properties (domestics & commercials) of my mother to my younger ?brother. Even my father had not any personal properties.? My father let me say that, while the rent deed of shop is their own name so, he is the solo ownership of the ?shop and other fixed and/or moveable properties whatever that is. Moreover, my question is this, if my ?mother was properties of such firm, so my father does not have any solo rights.? Respected Sir, May I have to forget such properties or have any legal rights on such properties which was ?belongs to my mother. Request to answer please