Unable to Recover the Debt from Builder after the court verdict

I had booked a flat from builder but due to his illegal construction his building was demolished. I had paid him Rs.3 Lacs as booking amount. I filed a civil suit against builder in civil court pimpri,Pune and won the suit. As per the verdict the builder has to pay me the amount of Rs.300000 with interest. I have filed a recovery suit against him in Aug 2015 but he does not turn up nor i am able to find his address due to which I am unable to recover my debt. My existing lawyer says we cannot do anything now unless we summon him through notice nor the police or court can help us to find that person. He also says to get his case rejected/removed from District court pune so that he will easily give his address. The same builder has filed a suit against me in the district court pune to challange the session court verdict. He does not turn up in the district court as well. My pune court lawyer is also unable to get the address of him in court. His lawyer has given false addresses to me. My Queries are as below: 1. How can i recover my debt as i am unable to find him? 2. Can i file a criminal case or any other type of case against him to recover the money? 3. Are my existing lawyers giving me incorrect advise on this? 4. Does the Civil session court verdict does not have value in case i am unable to find that person? 5. Why cannot the court assist me in finding that person with the help of police? 6. Should i remove the suit against him from Pune district court? Please advise.