Need to file Legal case but unable to understand the ground

My wife had a affair I forgive her and started a life with her but she kept on meeting with him, So I left india and her with in thre months of weeding and asked her to come with me she diddnt came and stay alone in india at her work place.During my stay aprt from her I kept on calling her and keeping touch with her and conviencing her to join me but she didnt. Also niot responding properly afte year of our marrriage anyhow i convinced her to join me . She came here and stay with me for almost 12 days and suddenly she left for India with out my my consent. Just informed me on message thet she is leaving back. Than in after two months of leaving her from my place we filled a mutual divorce. She signed on first date and promised to come on second as well after six months . But she didnt .now its been almost 11 months we filled mutual she is coming to sign papers not talking to me on call and responding my messages. Blocked my numbers and same doing her parents. Now asking me to filling a legal case. Kindly suggest what to do