Sud i file case for Illegal trespass under section 445

Actually my elder brother's wife is creating problem with the help of his brother & father. I have 2 elder and 1 younger bro. we all 4 lives in diff. cities with widow mother alone at Village home in Madhubani, Bihar. This all started 5-6 yrs back when my sis-in-law started quarreling with my father and mother. it was all uncivilized behavior.she used to leave house for her parents home without any consent of my family and her husband ( my bro). then if in case mother or father inquired for this sudden visit she use to retort rudely with explanations like i am free to go anywhere. During all these disturbing years my father passed away 4yrs back due to heart-attack ( 4days before his departure my sis-in-law had quarreled with father and mother before going to her parent's home). last year with the intervention of few respectable village men my brother was asked to arrange for her living in some other place as she was not happy at our house (as another peaceful solution for this turbulent life). As per his capacity he shifted her to jamshedpur (brother works here) but after 3- 4 months she again asked for shift to some other place or village. Brother again rented a house in Jhanjharpur, nearest town to my village for his wife and daughter.He also admitted my niece in DPS for her education...all was going well at each ends till day before yesterday when my sis-in-law arrived at our village house alongwith her brother, father and few other my mother lives alone they abused her and threatened her of dire consequences in case she refused their entry in our she was alone they entered forcefully and is still living..her father is threatening us (indirectly thru village fellows) of criminal cases and physical assault to us and mother in case we don't allow her to live in our house or take any action....can u suggest what best we can do...marriage is already more than 7yrs old... can we go for case of Illegal trespass under section 445.. or else what???