Recovery of money

I did an 11 month agreement with a friend of mine in 2013 for an amount of Rs.5,00,000/-. the payment terms were to pay 1,80,000/ in equated installments and the rest 3,20,000/- by the end of the agreement tenure. So far only 50,000/- was paid in nearly 4-5 months period and some petty amount of Rs.2000 to Rs.5000 for past 4-5 months. thus paid amount can be summed up to a 65,000/- or so. I have presented 2 cheques in the year 2014 of Rs.2,00,000/- which eventually got bounced and slip was attached along with the cheques stating 'insufficient fund'. Over these periods I have made umpteen number of calls and each and every time he finds a way to cheat me, he has been making excuses of his family's ill health and therefore not in position to repay. Currently he is working for Insurance company as an employee and his wife too is a government servant, he has a 3-4 year old girl child and living with his parents. I think he has taken my goodwill for granted. I have quite a few call records confessing to make payments by a definite time. My query is, how can I recovery the rest amount?