Divorce case

Dear All, We have one wedlock daughter and my wife after delivery has gone to parental home on 1st July 2015. On 27-7-15 her father threatened me. After that I brought her home on the same day evening and her mother took her home in the night. She said that, 'I have forcefully brought her home' and to avoid any complications I let her go. She came back home on 1-11-2015 and after staying for 2 days, she kept the LPG open and alleged to my mother that I have kept it open while going to office. But the realty was "She had kept it open". After that in the afternoon, police constables with her mother came to my home and took her away saying that we have police complaint against you. When I visited police station there was no complaint filed in written. I met PSI and confirmed about the incident and he said that your mother-in-law had came, but she did not file any complaint. I have submitted a note to Police Station to make myself secure mentioning the incidents. I tried 10 - 12 times to contact her and end the marital discords. She is not responding to any of my relatives and friends and only tells them that she have been harassed and hence she is not willing to stay with me. I provided her all the options like to stay separate from my parents, even I told her that I am ready to become house-husband and will stay at her home but only on one condition that, "Her parents should not harass me and you have to listen to me only, since for you I am doing this". But still she is not ready. Since, she was not responding to anything, I gave her mediation notice to speak to me, to which she did not respond. She had faked her personal and family information before our marriage which we were unaware of. She is illiterate and have told me she is a graduate. My parents are still accepting her, but she is not responding to any of our efforts. My mother-in-law is the person behind all this since she is teaching her numerous ways to harass me. When, I approached to lawyer for filing divorce petition, they are saying that I need to pay monthly alimony and maintenance charges for my wife. In spite of having all the proofs and phone records how my in-laws have abused me on phone. My questions are as: 1. I am ready to pay for my daughter but not for my wife. Under which section I can do this? 2. I have to claim dues for our insult from my mother-in-law. Under which section I can do this?