Divorce wanted by husband. 6 year old girl child involved.

We got married 8 years back and went through many ups and downs like I expect married couples do. My cooking is a big problem for him as it does't match his mother's and sister's. I'm also being constantly accused of not keeping the house clean even though it is he who keeps littering everywhere in the house. I'm regularly accused of sleeping all the time and spending the remaining time on my laptop. Almost every time there was a fight, the husband is threatening to seek a divorce in court. Also, I've been subject to a lot, a real real lot of mental, verbal abuse, the result of which I've lost a lot of self esteem, and don't even feel like myself anymore even with old friends and am living only for the sake of my 6 year daughter and my very aged parents. I've also felt like committing suicide, but I'm trying to be as brave as possible, but my husband is constantly pushing for divorce by mutual consent. Even to the point of pushing me out of the house and slamming the door on my face and reinviting me back into the house and again going about how I'm useless to everybody and how everybody hates me and that divorce by mutual consent is the only option. I'm thinking and thinking, but nothing is coming clearly to me. Should I agree? What about child custody? I gave up working in office 7 years ago, and don't have a job of my own, what should I do?