False commitment by Country Club hospitality

Hi, On 16/04/2016, We(me and my wife) went to spice mall Noida U.P. for a movie, after the movie one person came to us and asked us to fill a lottery coupon which is a free of cost and there will not be any charges for it and if you got selected in a lucky draw then you will get a 6N/7D free holiday accommodation in any of our resort across india. Since he said it’s completely free of cost so we went ahead and filled it. A day after i.e. on 17/04/2016, we got a call from no. +[deleted], the person on the call informed us that we have been selected for the lucky draw, please come to our office (2nd floor, office no. 44 & 45, Wave mall, Sec­18, Noida) and collect the free holiday coupon of worth Rs 25,000/­ plus Rs 10,000/­ coupen of looks salon, both of these will be free of cost and we need not pay anything for it. Me and my wife went to their office on 17/04/2016 @ 2:15 PM for the collection of free coupons, where we met with the CC marketing guy, he then explained us about country club and gave us the presentation of the company, he told us the benefit of free coupon that will be provided to us as committed in the invitation call. But before giving us the free coupon he told us to take the company membership of 10 Yrs for an amount of Rs. 1,35,000 ; which we have denied immediately and asked him to give us the free coupons and leave us. Later he again gave us a lucrative offer of Rs 30,000 for 5 Yrs(1 week free accommodation each year) and forced us to subscribe for it as its only valid for today, firstly we’ve denied it as well but he called his manager to explain the offer again and assured us that this is a very good and beneficial plan, we are selling it to you as a special promotional offer. He also told us that please sign up today and we will additionally provide you 5 yrs free club and fitness centre access with an option of 0% interest EMI for 24 months. Unfortunately because of his False Commitments, We have paid the amount of Rs 30,000 using my citi bank credit card (# [deleted]), At that time I’ve again cross checked with manager that the amount will be claimed by country club in an EMI of Rs 1250/­ for 24 months and he confirmed the same, his words were “yes sir we’ll do so, company will bear the interest as we've a tie up with the banks” I also have a recording of the conversion between me and the manager in which he is clearly committing below two things 1. Rs 30000 will be deducted in an 0% EMI of 24 month. i.e. Rs 1250/­ monthly. 2. Holiday membership for 5 yrs. A day after I’ve called the CC customer care for the cancellation of my policy as its completely a case of false commitments and fraud Whatever those people committed doesn't exists in reality, the customer care lady asked me who committed the 5 yrs membership policy, I told her that CC marketing persons committed the same. I also told her that I have a recording of this commitment with me which she asked for it and I’ve sent the recordings to their customer care email id. I got a email reply from them saying “We are going to check the recordings and will discuss the same with concerned department. The moment we will get the revert from them will update you accordingly on the same.” after that I didn’t got any reply from them for many days. I did multiple follow up with these guys through email, whatsapp and phone, but did not receive a positive response. I also wrote to Country club central customer team([deleted]) Hyderabad to look into this matter and cancel my membership. The central customer team is also not responding to my emails. Local marketing team is now asking me to settle this issue by taking some useless vouchers of looks salon and holiday vouchers instead of converting my 30,000 into interest free EMI of 24 months. they are now offering me 1 year membership instead of 5 yrs as communicated to me at the time of buying the membership. All these communication with country club is with me on an email. Please suggest me whether my case is strong enough to fight legally and let me know how to proceed further. Thanks, P.S. - I have already raised a credit card dispute on my card and bank investigation is in progress.