How to punish the cheating NRI husband

I am residing in the I got married who hails from Thiruvannamalai district and he is working in Spain as an Design Engineer. We got married on feb 11, 2015. as per Hindu Law and with the blessings of all Elders from both family members. It was an arranged marriage. From the day of my Marriage my husband and my in-laws started creating problems with me and my family. They complained that we did not arrange the marriage party well, and they caterers did not wear uniform, etc, and they also complained that for registration of marriage my dad did not give rs.6000, like this so many my inlaws created problem for so many petty issues. My parents gave 60 soverign gold and 2 kg of silver items and some bronze materials. The next day, my husband and my inlaws took to me to a gold shop and weighed my gold ornaments in front of me. In that 4 gm was less and they started yelling at me and abused me in bad words in the shop itself. If I talk to my parents also my husband will be pestering that who I am talking with and he was always having a doubtful thought on me and he used to torture me saying bad words. He directly told me that he married me only for washing clothes and utensils, and cleaning the house. Moreover he used to keep me as a servant and not treat me as a wife. My father-in-law said that I am not able to walk properly, smile properly or behave properly. He also used to harress me by words. If I wear and jewel and go outside my mother-in-law used to get sign from me and then only she will allow me outside, moreover they have instructed me to wear the clothes that they tell and I should not wear clothes which I like. My in-laws told that many brides were waiting outside for their son to give lot of dowry, but they told me that without proper information they married his son to me. They told to buy all the provisions from my home and my dad only bought all the household and provision items and gave to them. They also told me that I am black and lot of fair girls came and unknowingly they married me to his son, like this they used to abuse me. April 2015, I went to Spain to live with my husband, but my in-laws told to my husband's friend that I am a fool and I should not be mingled with other friends. When my husband's friend came to know about this and asked him, my husband fought with him. Since he is an alcholic, he used to drink and came late night to home and abuse me in filthy words in Spain. I got conceived there. One day he fought with me and he beaten me..And I got bleeding.. but he didn't taken me to hospital.. and he taken to hospital on final serious stage and doctor said I got conceived and tube was totally damaged . So doctor operated and aborted the baby. And the tube was removed. He fought with me on the day of my discharge too. And used bad words. His office friends family also know about this. He irritated me in front of them. Since I cannot bare those things and am really got tortured by him. my tourist visa time got over (june 21 2015), I came to India with my husband. his family & he dropped in the middle of road near Porur Toll Booth, chennai. After dropping me he told that, he got married to a patient and a diseased girl and if at all I had to run family with him, he told I should go to his house with lot of wealth or else I should be living alone like a spinster. And he left india on june end 2015, When my parents called and asked my inlaws through phone, they did not give proper answer, so me and my parents with my brother went to their home on [deleted] for getting justice, but my inlaws and their relatives abused my family and me and they told that I should come with another 50 soverigns of gold and 10 lakhs cash, or else I should not come. Moreover, my husband is not attending my calls or my parents call, he is just turning a deaf ear to our calls. I complained to police station but they are saying it's difficult to get my husband here, and they are saying it's difficult to contact him also.. In-laws said that his son has sent divorce letter before one month i.,e April month 2016. I left my job because of this marriage and I am not able to run my family with my parents without earning as well. Citing the above complaints, kindly help me in bringing back my husband to India so that I can get justice and relieved from my in-laws dowry harressment. Got married on [deleted] at chennai Lived with my husband and in-Laws (one month) March 2015 at thiruvannamalai. My husband left India March end 2015. I went to spain in tourist visa on April 2015 with husband's friend family. Returned to India on June 21 2015 with husband. Again he left india on the same month without notiying to me. My husband didn't talk to me from june month 2015. now its been one year, i didn't have any information about him. In-between he spoke only 3 times and he fooled us by saying that he is coming to india. But for the past 6 months he is not picking my calls or not answering for my messages.