498a now become section 306 & 34

Himanshu was got married in march 2015 with Pooja, after 2 months in June 2015 Himanshu's younger sister got married and in between these two months Pooja stayed at Himanshu's home hardly for 15 days. after that Pooja's family lodged a complaint against Himanshu's family for demanding dowry and harrasment. Whereas Himanshu's family tried to resolve this family issue and request Pooja to take back her complaint and return to home, according to them they are innocent and fake allegations are putted up by Pooja. Further, under 498A Himanshu got attrest after taking the jwellery, tv, fridge etc given by Pooja's family to her by Police in March 2016. then Himanshu got bail from Hon'ble district court whereas his mother father got Bail from Hon'ble High Court. After that himashu's side filed reconciliation in Hon'ble High court in April 2016. After that, in May 2016 Pooja committed suicide and a suicide note found alleged in laws. Police registered section 306 & 34 against himanshu, his father, mother and married sister. It is also mentioned here that Pooja was from Delhi and her job was in chandigarh and her only brother and his family also live in chandgarh, but she lived alone not with his brother might be she had some affair with another guy who also lived in chandigarh. she was very short tempered and she found hanged at her rented home at chandigarh. Now please advice what should be done in this case to save himanshu's family.