Sale of property with pending court case

Players: A cousin brother (B), Three sisters (S1, S2, S3) Property: An ancestral house, lands and plantations All three sisters married off in 1960s. Their father passed away in 1996, without leaving a will. B looked after all the properties, house and daily living expenses of their father, his uncle. In 2004, all three sisters got their names on all 7/12, without the knowledge of B. In 2006, S1 files a court case to divide the property and get shares and possession for S1, S2 & S3. B hires an attorney who makes false arguments and S1 wins the case, in 2009. The court orders S1 to approach the district magistrate (please read this as the concerned authority who can divide the property, I don't have the court order with me.) and get the property divided. Each sister gets 1/6 of the property and B gets 1/2. B hires another attorney to file an appeal in the higher court. The case is still pending in the court, property is undivided. None of the sisters took any part in managing or maintaining the property. B has spent a significant amount of money to maintain the properties. B made all the efforts to settle the matter out of court, the sisters do not respond. S1 is emotionally unfit, had to be admitted to the mental hospital. S1's son influences each and everyone of her actions. In May 2016, S3's son-in-law and S1's son sell 1/2 of the house to a third party, T. S1, S2, S3 are present in front of the registrar to sign the docuemnts. T has contacts in talathi office and registration office. T gets the whole transaction completed when B is out of town for more than a month. B does not get any notice, finds out about the registration after returning. None of the parties live in / use any of the properties. B wants to preserve his ancestral property. What can B do to take off the claims of T, S1, S2 and S3 as well as protect his interest now and in the future?