Parents are torturing

Sir i am been abused by my parents mostly by my father..... he troubles me each and every day this problem is from my childhood but still i have not narrated my problems to any budy not with any relative and my friends also...... he torture me by some times hitting and screaming and haowling at me giving cheap gaalies and using bad languages Parents have spoiled my image in the society and No one is helping me......even they have made all my relatives against me and my mom also supports my dad...... there are many problems my father always threatens me that he will disown me i am also facing many issues and problems socialy and emotionally because of my parents....they have also put many false allegations on me which have created my negative image.... my father several times have beaten and insulted me in public please i want a wise and correct suggestion to solve my problem...they have troubled me alot and still continuing please help me my father threatens me and i am scared because things are getting worst i want my parents would not trouble me any more they have many times told me that they hate me alot Please help me