How to Partition muslim property(by mutual consent)

I am a muslim person. My mother died when I was 1 year old. My father re-married again and i have 4 step-brothers and 3 step sisters. My father died 10 years back leaving no will etc. Now my step-brothers have started selling our joint non-partitioned property. When I came to know of it I filed a case in Court asking for stopping of this illegal sale which was not partitioned. After the filing of this case my step-brothers are now coming for mutual settlement. My 3 step sisters have said that they do not want to take any share of my fathers property. However my step-mother will take her share. I would like to know how to go about this case. How do i get this partition deed (by mutual consent) registered in UTTAR PRADESH SUB-REGISTRY office where 3 sisters will come and say that they do not want to take share in our father's property and we 5 brothers and step-mother will divide the land property, house (each one will have a separate room in the house as there are 6 rooms.) Can this be done on a single day in one partition deed in the Registry office ? I would also like to know the stamp duty & registration fees for this partition deed in UTTAR PRADSESH. Is it calculated on the market value of land and property? Can anyone send me a model partition deed ? Also wish to know how to know the process of carrying out the partition through COURT if the stamp and registration charges comes out to be very high.