Deceased employee settlement

My Brother-in-law passed away due to heat attack while he was on active service with company. He joined this company before marriage and nominated his brother as nominee for benefits (i.e group term insurance + PF related settlements..) and forgot to update beneficiary after marriage. Surviving family of my brother-in-law are my sister and minor son. We approached company for deceased employee benefits and nominee (brother of husband) also approached company for benefits settlement. Company asked us to get NOC from nominee to take up our claim request, which nominee refuses to give. Now company is not responding to any of our (surviving spouse) queries regarding claims. We are looking forward for some guidance here: [1] Where things are regarding settlement, i.e whether our claims are being processed or on hold within company ? If our claims (surviving spouse) claims are on hold are they processing nominee (brother) claims? We tried to seek answer from company by sending multiple email but no response. It is in this limbo state for more than month. Please advise.